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South Africa, Sept. 2013, part 4

Knersvlakte – A Farm of Lita Coal, Kamieskroon

Next morning we entered into the Knersvlakte, an area of quartz gravel soils.
The climate of the region is semi-arid with long dry summers and rainfalls occurring in the winter months. Fields of white quartz pebbles cover the gently rolling hills of this area.



The landscape changed to much more arid type, with very low vegetation. The vegetation there is typical for Succulent Karoo and is dominated by small leaf succulents. Some look like tiny green marbles, others - like flowering pebbles. Others emerge above the soil only during the temperate spring and retreat back into the soil, almost invisible, when the summer heat arrives.

Cheiridopsis imitans

Cheiridopsis imitans

Crassula tomentosa

Crassula tomentosa

Aloe variegate is a species of aloe indigenous to South Africa and Namibia.

Aloe variegate

In Knersvlakte we found a fine specimen of P. crithmifolium and a colony of P. carnosum.

P. crithmifolium

P. crithmifolium, plant, Knersvlakte

P.crithmifolium, flower, Knersvlakte

A place with a colony of P. carnosum near Knersvlakte Spens Nursery and Farm:

colony of P. carnosum

P. carnosum in habitat, Knersvlakte

P. carnosum flower, Knersvlakte

The plants of P.carnosum in Knersvlakte Spens Nursery and Farm shop:


The plants of P. carnosum in Knersvlakte Spens Nursery and Farm shop

“We were here”.

From left to right: Boris Ioganson, I (Elena Ioganson), Cameron McMaster

Further north along the N7 we arrived at Kamieskroon Hotel, set in Kamieskroon, a small village set amongst enormous granite mountains known as the Kamiesberg.

The granite mountains known as the Kamiesberg

Another one highlight of the afternoon was a visit to Farm of Lita Coal near our hotel and especially her nursery.


Firstly, Lita took us to the mountains to show species of Pelargonium on the territory of her farm.

P. barklyi
The plants of P. barklyi

P. barklyi, flower

More photos taken on this part of our route, you can see here:https://www.flickr.com/photos/79338969@N03/sets/72157638207011636


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