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South Africa, Sept. 2013, part 3

Gifberg – Vanrhynsdorp
On the way from Lamberts Bay we stopped for lunch near the road. Near passed a local shepherd with a flock of sheep. A wire separated the herd from us; I approached it to look at animals closer. Already out of habit, I began to examine the plants next to me and suddenly I saw a very beautiful Pelargonium senecioides. It grew up literally 5 meters from the road.

P. senecioides

Pelargonium senecioides, plant

The field where the sheep were pasturing was under a wire; otherwise P. senecioides would be trampled or eaten by animals .
The only way to drive to Gifberg Holiday Farm is via the Gifberg Pass, a steep and narrow pass that goes from the national road N7.



On this way we have found several plants of P. echinatum with purple flowers. I found it interesting that the darker blothes and markers are present also on the lower three petals, the leaves and stems were typical for P. echinatum.

Pelargonium echinatum

Pelargonium echinatum

At Gifberg Holiday Farm we came only in the evening.
It was cold, but we lit a fire in the cottage and it became nice and warm for us.

Gifberg Holiday Farm

Gifberg Holiday Farm


The next early morning, Cameron McMaster wake us up for a walk on the hiking trail (at 6-30 a.m.!!!)
There are many waterfalls in this place, clear river pools and beautiful rock formations.

Protea nitida




We were very lucky this day and have found some rare species of Pelargonium in habitat.
First, there were lots of P. alternans, big and small, old and young.

Pelargonium alternans

Then we saw a colony of P. magenteum. So beautiful!

P. magenteum

Pelargonium magenteum


Pelargonium magenteum

I was happy to find and see P. coronopifolium there because I like all species of section Campylia.

P. coronopifolium

P. coronopifolium

P. coronopifolium

P. coronopifolium

Some other plants of that place.

Protea glabra

Gladiolus pulcherrimus

Nemesia chairanthus, family Scrophulariaceae


We went in the direction of Vanrhynsdorp. A few kilometers further, we stopped and again set out to find pelargoniums.
Have found some beautiful specimens of P. myrrhifolium:

P. myrrhifolium, flowers

P. myrrhifolium, flower

Again, saw many P. alternans, and met P. coronopifolium. I have found pelargonium which looks very similar to P. triste, but I’m not sure is it P. triste or not.

Unidentified pelargonium, leaf

Unidentified pelargonium, flowers

Few other interesting plants.


Bartholina burmanniana

Nemesia barbata

Then we steered a course toward Vanrhynsdorp.
A road to Vanrhynsdorp.

Road from Gifberg to Vanrhynsdorp



More photos taken on this part of our route, you can see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/79338969@N03/sets/72157638242007665/

To be continued.

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